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Wedding car website - Design & Hosting

When it comes to your public image you do, of course, need a website. But not all websites are born equal!
Here at we understand how things work and can offer you a website that truly integrates with the system.

Advantages of using our hosting & websites

  1. Integrates with
    • Changes you make to you assets are reflected in the site
    • Automatically issue quotes directly with real time availability
    • Automatically display your review satistics
    • Automatically display your lates reviews / testimonials
  2. Optimised for search engines
    • Rank higher for regional searches
  3. Edit the pages youself
    • Once set up, as the site is based on WordPress you can add and edit page text / images
  4. Blazingly fast
    • Our high speed hosting features an advanced cache optimised for WordPress
  5. Optimised for mobile
    • Your site will look great on all devices
  6. Low costs
    • Just £375 for a professional site including everything required
    • Just £10 a month for professional hosting
  7. Email
    • Professional IMAP email is provided

To order your professional website just give us a call.

Website Project document

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