Automatic Quotations & Bookings


Financial control and planning is a key aspect of any business, particularly when things are tight and you need to know what money is due by when. Furthermore there's always that time of year when you have to hand things over to your accountant.

We don't offer a full blown accounts package but we do make it easy for you to keep track of your sales and expenses and enable you to hand a single file to your accountant with all of this information in it.

How does it work?

1    Income

Financial aspects of your business are at the heart of the system. It calculates accurate prices based on your business model, it automatically calculates the amount of money due to you and when it is due based on your settings.

From the system dashboard you can see how much money is due in over the next 7, 30, 60, 90 & 120 days and you can see any overdue values and your receipts to date.

Links are provided to the payment schedule page which details all payment values and their due dates with overdue payments in red, and the receipts page that allows you to view your receipts over a date range that you specify.

If you take payments on-line, payments are automatically assigned to a booking and adjust the balance of the customer's account accordingly.

2    Expenditure

The system allows you to set up unlimited expenditure categories and subcategories. For example you might have a marketing category and within that you might have Web site costs, Advertising & Wedding fairs. Another category might be Office Expenses where you apply costs to the subcategories electricity, gas and rent.

Categories can be assigned to each of your hosts (web sites) so you can assign costs appropriately.

3    Reporting

The key report is the Financial statement which you can create for any time frame. This can be downloaded as a .CSV file and imported into many spreadsheet packages.

You can also see seperate reports for sales by month along with the number of bookings you have taken. A number of graphs are also available in the system for financial and marketing pruposes.

4    On-line Payments

The system supports online payments. Payments are processed by 'Stripe' and your agreement for online payments is with them, however, this is the most cost effective way for an organisation that does relatively few transactions to take payments online as their rates are very competitive and they do not charge a monthly membership fee.

Please refer to our Card Payment documentation for further details.

5    Automatic Payment Reminder

The system can automatically send a reminder to the customer when their final payment is due. These emails are despatched in the region of two days before the due where there is an outstanding balance of over 10 £ / $.

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