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Still spending time on quotes?

Quotations - year to date:
82,256,865 GBP,
  106,213,145 USD, 97,562,117 EUR,   158,705,955 AUD, 176,360,600 NZD.

Automatic Quotation & Booking System for Events Businesses provides the premier software for automatically providing accurate quotes and managing the finances & bookings of your product hire or events business.

The quotation page is embedded in your web site allowing customer to easily get accurate quotes based on your business model - calculating charges for both time and distance.

No matter what your events business is, find out how you can beat the competition & win business - whilst you are doing something else!

In a nutshell
  • Automatically deliver accurate quotes based on your pricing model in seconds.
  • Automatically take bookings.
  • Collect card payments online - without a subscription.
  • Gain essential management information.
  • Customer's 'my-booking' page with event timetable.
  • Syndicate your products though other customers.
  • Help prevent double bookings.
  • Reduce the number of unwanted phone calls.
  • Get customer reviews.
  • Improve the image of your business.
  • Track your business finances.
  • Enrich your Internet presence.
  • Priced from FREE!.
Find out of it's right for your business . . .
Manage your business anywhere
The system is accessed through your web browser:
  • Use your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone to manage your business.
  • Check availability almost anywhere at any time.
  • Use your tablet or laptop at exhibitions / events to issue quotes.
  • See your bookings in Google Calendar.
  • Just a click away from Google Maps navigation.
  • Work while during downtime at the event!
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Automatically Generate Quotes
Save time and money by issuing automatic quotes:
  • Quote for business when you are asleep or even away.
  • Quotes are based on your individual business model.
  • Quotes are only issued for the area you specify.
  • Quotes cannot be obtained for items that are booked.
  • Customers get quotes in a matter of seconds.
  • Automatically follow up quotes.
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Stay informed
The IQ Dashboard tells you what you need to know:
  • See upcoming events.
  • What money is due and when.
  • How many quotes have been despatched and their value.
  • How many bookings have been made and their value.
  • See how many unique visitors have selected a date on your web site.
  • Access quick links to key system features.
  • Filter data by your web hosts.
  • See warnings of service issues.
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Quotation management
View, Search and manage your quotes:
  • Create a quotation (for customers that prefer the phone!).
  • Use automatic pricing or adjust to a fixed price.
  • Search for quotations by a range of parameters.
  • View quotations by date.
  • Examine the price calculations of quotations.
  • View charts of the number of quotations sent out per month compared to previous years and other management information.
  • A single interface for all of your web sites.
  • Quote for assets syndicated by other IQ customers.
  • Re-send existing quotations.
  • Override business settings.
  • Discover quote to booking ratios.
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The Yorkshire Wedding Car Company Ltd. - Leeds:
"We piloted the system from April to October 2013 and it has been a huge success. Not only have we seen a significant increase in business, we have also gained a huge amount of time. In fact, we would not have been able to handle the volume of interest we have generated through our Internet marketing without it. Once the pilot ended, we had no hesitation in signing up to use the system at the heart of our business.

The development team have responded well to our suggestions for improvements and listened intently to our needs and ideas. Furthermore, the support has been superb. If you are serious about your business and recognise the importance of timely service that the Internet age demands, you should definitely look at"
Paul Scott - Owner
Bookings management
View, Search and manage your bookings:
  • Create and edit bookings.
  • Customer gets a My-Booking page.
  • Bookings calendar with visibility of your cars departure and arrival times.
  • Search for a booking.
  • List bookings by recency, future bookings, past bookings.
  • View charts of the number of bookings taken per month compared to previous years and other useful charts.
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Financial management
Manage income and outgoings:
  • Combine financial management for all of your we sites.
  • Optional support for card payments.
  • Online card payments are automatically added to the system.
  • Downloadable financial statement for your accountant.
  • Create cost areas and sub categories.
  • Assign costs to bookings.
  • View a finacial statement for any time period.
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Managing Documents and Marketing:
  • Design your documents in the template editor.
  • Automatically follow up every lead.
  • Increase your Web presence using the free Wedding Car Directory.
  • Send personalized mail-shots using a puchased leads database.
  • Measure the success of your campaigns.
  • Facility for customers to unsubscribe.
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Your business - your business model:
  • Set prices for Mon- Fri, Sat, Sun.
  • Adjust prices for low medium and high seasons.
  • Adjust prices for Public Holidays.
  • Adjust prices for Premium days.
  • Charge a combination of time and distance.
  • Set thresholds for charging.
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Accept Credit and Debit cards
Let customers pay by card:
  • No subscription.
  • Secure card handling.
  • Accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex.
  • We do not handle your cash.
  • Funds in your account in 7 days.
  • It's how customers prefer to pay.
  • Five minute setup.

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Our Charges
It is very affordable, starting at FREE:
There are no surpirses here. Try the free trial and assess your usage then select the plan that suits you best - for smaller organisations that might be the free plan.

Prices are scaled dependant on the system load you generate. We have a base subscription price which starts at nothing plus a further usage charge if you exceed the plan limits. Charges are monthly in arrears and collected from a registerd payment VISA / Mastercard.

Our belief is that any Wedding transport business, no matter the size, should be able to afford the support of a system that does all of this.
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Automatic Reviews
Get your customers to review your service:
  • Customers are prompted to review your services.
  • Reviews are displayed in the asset datasheet.
  • Reviews are marked-up with structured data tags.
  • Reviews can be embedded in your own site.
  • Reviews are seen to be independent & trusted.
  • Reviews expire after two years.
  • Read customer reviews
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It runs on YOUR website:
  • Place the IQ calendar on your site.
  • Optionally, we can install the calendar for you.
  • Follow the guides to setup your pricing model.
  • Configure your web hosts.
  • Add the transport you offer.
  • Set thresholds for charging.
  • Set up should take no more than half a day.

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