Automatic Quotations & Bookings


1    Integration with your web site

For integration with your web site, either the calendar or an link button needs to be installed on your web site.

Either of these items are acceptable and provide a method of redirecting the user to the quotations page configured for your business.

Code is provided for both of these methods and can be found in the adminstration page under:
configuration/calendar code.

If you need assistance in installing the calendar this service can be provided at a modest cost.

2    Google Calendar

The system can write all of your bookings to your Goolge Calendar so it appears on your mobile devices and other computers.

You need to authorise us to have access to your calendar and an interface is provided for this purpose in the administration pages under configuration/google calendar. We receive a token from Google and are not aware of your username or password.

On Android devices, clicking the event in the calendar and selecting location will launch Google Maps Navigation making it easy to find your first pick up.

Events are added to the Calendar with the time you need to leave the garage and the time of the first journey of the booking. The total time of the booking is blocked out.

3    Credit / Debit card payments

The system can take payments and assign them to a booking.

To process card payments you need to have a Stripe account. The keys for your account as provided by Stripe need to be entered in your configuration pages and tested.

Please see the seperate Card Processing Documentation.

4    Use your ISP's email server

The system can send your emails through your Inernet service provider's email server. In fact to protect the Spam reptation of the service, this is required for some features.

The advantage of using your service provider's mail server is that any email that is incorrectly addressed by the customer is returned to so you can contact the customer by phone and re-send the email as required.

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