Automatic Quotations & Bookings


We believe that it should be simple and fast for a potential customer to check availability and get an accurate quote for their wedding transport. With so many Wedding Transport Companies being part time operations, or with owners who frequently have obligations outside of the business, it's both hard for the Bride and Groom and hard for the supplier to be satisfied with the level of service offered during the pre-sales period. makes all of this a thing of the past with accurate pricing and availability available 24 hours a day.

How does it work?

There are six key components to the quotation element of

1    The Quotation Calendar

The Quotation Calendar is embedded on a web page on your web site. We provide you with the code to do this or we can do it for you (You don't have to use the calendar, a simple button will do and we'll provide you with the code for that too).

When a user selects a date on the calendar (on your web page), the quotation server writes the number of cars available for the selected date below the calendar along with a button encouraging the user to get an Instant Quote.

When the user selects the button, they are redirected to a page on the site and the Transport that you have available for the date is displayed.

If you choose not to use the calendar on your site, just an button, then the user selects the date of the event after they have been transferred.

2    The Embedded Quotation Page

Instead of the Quotation Calendar, you can embed your quotation form on almost any of your web pages. This has the advantage of your customers not having to leave your site to obtain a quotation.

Using cross domain scripting, the page optionally displays availability for a date then the system generates and sends quotes to your customers using your business model and can even be embedded on your Facebook page.

2a     The Quotation Page

The quotation page is customisable with your company name and choice if title font along with your choice of page background. A map centred on your location is displayed.

If you do more than one booking a day per item, the availability for each item is displayed for the selected date using a time-line.

The quotation process is very simple: The user just selects the date of the event, the transport they would like to book, enters their email address, the pick up, ceremony and reception addresses (all of which have autocomplete powered by Google). If you provide round trips to the ceremony, these can be selected too.

The user selects 'Get Quote' and a quote is despatched to their email address.

3    The Pricing Engine

As part of your configuration and as you add transport, you enter your pricing model. Some elements relate to the hosts (websites) you have, some to the vehicles and some to the time of year or day of week.

The system supports multiple websites for each customer with different pricing on each site.

Mileage charge options:
  • No charge.
  • All mileage - including to and from base.
  • Mileage just between pick up and reception.
  • Mileage over a threshold.
Time charge options:
  • No charge.
  • All time including to and from base.
  • Time just between pick up and reception.
  • Time over a threshold.
Date & Day charging options:
  • Day of week: Mon - Thur.
  • Fri.
  • Sat.
  • Sun.
  • Public Holidays.
  • Configurable special days.
  • Low, Medium & High season.

Discounts can be applied when multiple items are booked.

4    The Template editor

The template editor lets you customise the content of your booking confirmations. Every aspect is configurable. You might like to compare it to a mail merge document in a word processor. You simply enter the text you require for you booking confirmations, format it how you want it to look and insert the fields you want to be filled from the range available.

Every quote appears personal and is packed with information - if that's how you want it.

5    Geographical restrictions

You can decide certain limits that you are prepared to work within. In particular:

  • The maximum distance you are prepared to travel to a booking.
  • The maximum distance for an individual leg of the booking.
  • The maximum total distance for a booking.

6    Manual Quotations

The administrative pages of the system enable you to create quotations for people who telephone you. Manual Quotations have additional features:

  • Apply a % discount.
  • Issue a quote at a fixed price.
  • Override mileage restrictions for a quote.
  • Calculate a price without saving or sending a quote.
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