Automatic Quotations & Bookings


A numberof tools are built into the system to help you make the most of the data you have collected or purchased seperately - such as a leads database.

1    Automatic quotation follow up

Once a potential customer has received a quotation, the system can follow up the quotation with a second email. Optionally you can insert a discount voucher into this email.

The timing of this email is configurable by you based and is based on the number of days after the quote you want to send the follow-up email and the number of months before the event date.

The email that is sent is configurable in the template editor.

2    Analysis tools

Web Site Visitor Locations
Web Site Visitor Locations
A number of tools are provided in the system that enable you to learn more about your business.

Various charts and tables of data are available including:

  • Number of bookings by month - last three years.
  • Number of quotations by month - last three years.
  • Number of dates selected on your web site calendar - last three years.
  • Most poular days to make a booking.
  • Actual days booked.
  • Most popular days to get a quote.
  • Day of week quoted for.
  • Selected days by popularity.
  • Approximate location of visitors making a date selection on your Calendar page.
All of these charts can be filtered by you website hosts.

3    Data download

You can download the contact data for all of the users who have obtained a quotation from you. It is a condition of use of the system that this data is not sold as this is contrary to our privacy policy.

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