Automatic Quotations & Bookings

Pricing Options

It's your business so we try to provide the configuration to price it your way, including charging by time or mileage with optional thresholds before charges are applied.

The Pricing Engine

As part of your configuration and as you add transport, you enter your pricing model. Some elements relate to the hosts (websites) you have, some to the vehicles and some to the time of year or day of week.

The system supports multiple websites for each customer with different pricing on each site.

Mileage charge options:
  • No charge.
  • All mileage - including to and from base.
  • Mileage just between pick up and reception.
  • Mileage over a threshold.
Time charge options:
  • No charge.
  • All time including to and from base.
  • Time just between pick up and reception.
  • Time over a threshold.
  • Setup time.
  • Pack up time.
  • Off duty time.
Date & Day charging options:
  • Day of week: Mon - Thur.
  • Fri.
  • Sat.
  • Sun.
  • Public Holidays.
  • Configurable special days.
  • Low, Medium & High season.
Discounts can be applied when multiple items are booked.

Payment options:
  • Set the number of days grace before a deposit is due.
  • Set the days before service is delivered that the balance is due.
  • Send automatic reminders just before the due date.
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