Automatic Quotations & Bookings - Screenshots is built from the ground up for the wedding transport industry using the first hand experience of running a Wedding Car Company.

Public pages

Embedded quotation form for your site

The area with the white background is embedded in your web page on your site enabling customers to get a quotation without leaving your site.

Standard Quotation page

The standard quotation page (where embedding is not required or is supplemented).

Facebook quotation application

The quotation application can be embedded in your Facebook page.

Customer's My-Booking page

Every one of your customers gets a My Booking Page. If you choose to take cards they are processed here by the customer (or by yourself in the Admin pages).

Google Calendar & Navigation on your phone

Calendar to Satellite Navigation in three clicks

By integrating with a shared Google Calendar you can load Satellite Navigation on your phone before leaving the depot.

Adminstration pages


The Dashboard gives you an immediate overview of the key paramters of your business.

Calendar - Month view

The calendar is shown here in Month view with an item selected.

Calendar - Day view

The calendar is shown here in Day view with an item selected.

Web site visitor location

The visitor location page shows you where people that use your site are located.

Track Expenditure

You can track expenditure with customisable fields and export the data to excel.

Charts & Statistics (one of several charts)

Several charts are available for Booking, Quotation and Visitor statistics.

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