Automatic Quotations & Bookings


Where we come from

Historically the wedding transport industry has been made up of individuals with a keen interest in their classic vehicles. Undertaking weddings was a way of funding the maintenance of their classic cars. Unfortunately, as most of us know, this is not enough to make a living so the majority of wedding car owners need 'a proper job' to make ends meet.

The net result is there is not always enough time in the week to to maintain and prepare the vehicles, do the marketing and respond to requests for quotations.

The ever evolving Internet age has brought new pressures to wedding car owners. Some have embraced the new age fully and others maintian a traditional approach by relying on their reputation whilst their customer base is growing up in a different era.

Neil McCutcheon has worked in small businesses all of his career and when the opportunity came to start something new, he chose the wedding car industry. In 2011, he started by personally building a Beauford and a prototype online quotation and booking system - he undertook about thirty weddings in his first year. His objective was to understand the business and evaluate the benefits of automated quotations and booking for the industry.

To Neil the benefits were clear, a system was definitely needed that would enable wedding transport companies to quickly respond to brides and grooms seeking prices and availability for their wedding transport. It had become equally clear that the ways in which companies charge varies considerably but, nevertheless, Neil set about developing a system that would cope with most business models and user's levels of technical ability.

In March 2013, after extensive trials with Neil's own wedding car company (, The Yorkshire Wedding Car Company, owned by Paul Scott, began a six month trial of the system during which many new features and options were developed to meet their needs. The sytem sent out over 1,200 quotes in the six month period and Paul is now a customer. The Yorkshire Wedding Car Company can be found at

After another winter of development and testing the system was ready to lauch in March 2014.

Our philosophy

Whatever we do, we strive for excellence. We always aim to provide good value and endeavour to provide a very personal service.

We object to faceless corporations where you cannot resolve your issues, their lack of insight into the difficulties of a small business and their lack of flexibilty.

We aim to be everything that the big corporations are not.

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