Automatic Quotations & Bookings

System Pricing

For a typical wedding car company, the we aim for the system to cost less than the equivalent of one booking a year, but in the end it comes down to system load - if you dont use it much, you won't pay much. In fact for many users the system will be free of charge.

Based on system usage we have developed a range of pricing plans. The best way to find out which plan suits you best is to try the free trial. It is absolutely free and if your usage is low you can sign up to the free plan.

After the free trial, if you exceed the usage of the plan you select, a modest charge is levied for that month only. This is charged to your credit / debit card.

There are no lengthy contracts but once you select a plan you are on it for a minimum of one month. After that it's up to you.

Pricing is simple and transparent and you can check your usage at any time from the management interface.

Pricing metrics

We measure the load by a customer's requirements as follows:
  • Basic service
  • Number of Transport assets
  • Number of Quotes
  • Number of Hosts (Web sites)
  • Number of Lead emails
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