Automatic Quotations & Bookings

Stay Informed & Work anywhere is built from the ground up for the wedding transport industry using the first hand experience of running a Wedding Car Company.
The beauty of an Internet based solution is that you can work anywhere there is a connection. It does not matter if you are outside the church, in the office or at a Wedding fair, everything is at your fingertips.

You can generate quotes, check availability & review your site's statistics any time, anywhere.

Instant quote takes this to extremes by integrating with Google calendar. Your booking details are right where you need them and with a couple of clicks you can be using Google's Satellite Navigation to guide you to your detination.

The system dashboard will tell at a glance the bookings that are coming up, what money is owed and when and how many users ar selecting dates on your web site.

It's all there, and once you have had it, it will be difficult to run your business without it.

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